First Clutch ID Guidance

Hello everyone. I’m new to breeding and just had my first clutch over father’s day weekend. I’m having a litttle difficulty IDing these babies, or just second guessing myself.
The dame is a Lesser, Fire (but now I think she may have pastel in her too).
The sire is a Pastel Mojave.
I was shooting for a BEL. But no luck.
I took a pic of each parent and the clutch.
From left to right I think they are…
Pastel Lesser, Super Pastel Lesser, Pastel Mojave, Fire, Fire.

Here is another pic, but its flipped.



Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more pics and info if needed. Also it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could give some explanation and or tips to help improve my IDing.

Thank you!


Individual pics of each hatchling would be much more helpful.

From what I can make out here though, from first pic (left to right):

Lesser Pastel
Fire Lesser Pastel
Mojave Pastel

Thank you so much for the reply.
I took more pics in the same order.
The second one made me think Super Pastel because of how blushed the head and back is. But that would mean the mom would have to have pastel in her. The guy I got her from has been in the ball python business for over 30 years. He owns one of the largest reptile stores in San Diego, so I’m inclined to trust his genetic assessment of Lesser Fire.

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Also, the only one that hasn’t shed yet is the first one (the one I think is Lesser Pastel).

I agree with @t_h_wyman … firefly lesser on the second not super pastel. Firefly has a very blushed head.

Nice. That makes sense. I didn’t even think Firefly Lesser. But that makes sense. Thank you!

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