First clutch ID help

Hello. I’ve been working with animals/ reptiles my entire life but this is my first foray into breeding morphs so I’m looking for a little help identifying what genes are in my babies. Parents are banana bee spider paired with a hypo superfly. I’m not even going to try and guess what the babies are but i have some ideas. would really like to know not just what they are but what are the details y’all are looking at to identify each morph. Ive included pictures of the parents as well. All babies have shed, all but two have had their first meal.
(also new to forums so cut me a little slack if anything seems wonky)


Well the first thing I can tell you is that you do not have a Hypo SuperFly but a Hypo FireFly. A SuperFly is a SuperPastel Fire so all the babies would have to be Pastel and very clearly your have ones that are not

Tentative IDs would be:

  • Banana Fire Spider
  • Banana Pastel Spider
  • Banana Pastel Spider
  • Normal
  • Fire Spider

Thanks for they reply!
That’s to bad to hear about my Superfly not being super. I was just going off what I was told when I purchased her but what you said makes complete sense.

The one you’re saying is a normal, I was thinking that one was a fire no?

Not seeing the indicators that I associate with Fire. You can take a few more pics from different angles and I can re-evaluate if you like