First Clutch, ID Verification

I did these in reverse, as I already posted my 2nd clutch for ID help. This is my first clutch, which i think I have a pretty good idea of what i have going on. Some 2nd opinions would be great, though, as I could be wrong!

Parents first; ODYB Enchi x Pastel Enchi Calico

Now the babies!
Baby 1; Normal

Baby 2; ODYB

Baby 3; OD Enchi

Baby 4; Pastel Enchi OD

Baby 5; Pastel ODYB Calico

Baby 6; Pastel Enchi OD poss Calico?
(She has random white spots I cant get the camera to pick up)

Baby 7; ODYB Enchi

#7 has been my special needs baby. He was the first to strike and coil a rat, but would immediately let go. He didnt eat for 4wks before I started assist feeding him. He finally took a rat down on his own, after I put it in his mouth, for the first time!

Thanks for any help received! Its a simple clutch, but it took me weeks and 2 sheds to finally stop waffling and settle on what I have for the IDs!


I feel like 7 may actually be super enchi OD YB.
I know super enchi has a particular headstamp, but it looks like maybe the OD may have overpowered it a bit. Or it’s just a gorgeous little baby regardless and the odds gods were cruel with giving you a normal and not a super enchi in the clutch.


Right? I was so upset I didnt get a super enchi. Oh well, I’ll be trying again.


Well @reyvaughn No doubt about it, that’s a very nice clutch so congratulations! You did a fantastic job with getting the little one to eat as well! He may turn out to be your best one yet! :100::clap::pray::blush: