First clutch of the year.. F3 Mexican Milks

These are 3rd generation babies from my Albino Spotted project. In 2014 I bred an Albino to a Applegate Spotted, and kept back some babies. In 2018 they had their first babies, and I kept back a pair of them, an Albino possible het spotted and a semi spotted possible het albino.

This year the 2018 pair bred and gave me 6 perfect eggs. Then it was just another round of the waiting game, will they prove out het for each others visual traits??

Well the female did prove out to be het albino, but there were no spotteds in the clutch. Either the odds just werent on my side, the male isnt het spotted or Spotted isnt a genetically inheritable trait. Considering I have produced Spotteds from my pair of 2014 double hets, as well as from other animals, Spotted looks recessive to me. Applegate always said it was recessive as well.

Next year my 2020 Spotted poss het albino male from this line will be ready to breed. Hopefully he proves out as het albino. I also have a handful of other holdbacks Ive been raising, so eventually I will hatch that worlds first Albino Spotted!

So from the 6 eggs I got -
2 albinos (1 is the only female in the clutch)
2 normals (1 was still attached to its egg by the cord, freaked out and died, it was crazy)
1 normal with a spot for a band
1 very nice High Black

And here are the parents.