First clutch of the year

This one may be a little late but our first clutch of the year was a Fire Ghost X Scaleless head Lemon blast. She laid 6 good eggs. They are scheduled to hatch on the 4th of July so we will keep you all posted here.

Curtis and Shaela
Maple City Morphs


First clutch hatched out. We lost one hatchling to a twisted umbilical cord unfortunately. The whole clutch has me thrown for a loop as it seems that the female was holding cinnamon or black pastel and we were not expecting that. We will be asking for IDing help if anyone wants to chime in. We are confident in what we can see but more eyes never hurt. This picture is preshed so we will update after their first shed. Thank you!

Some updated pictures! They are also on the marketplace if anyone is interested in purchasing. Thanks again!

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