First Clutch produced by me

Here is my first clutch ever. I am very happy with the results and am proud of myself. Sadly one of them has one beady eye but the rest seem healthy. Here’s a picture of them when I first cut them open. I’ll have an update picture after they shed in a few days.

The pairing was Mojave het Ghost x Pinstripe het Clown.

The IDs seem to be
Normal dbl het Clown Ghost
Mojave dbl het Clown Ghost x2
Pinstripe dbl het Clown Ghost
Jigsaw (Pinstripe Mojave) dbl het Clown Ghost


Congrats! Every clutch is exciting, but your first is always your first!


And as a side note, they’ll all be poss het for clown/ghost.


Could you show me that chart again with what makes its 66% and 50%
They both actually came form 100% hets.


okay so a visual clown/ghost has 2 copies of a gene

a “het” only has one copy of a gene. lets say the big green G in the pic below is the ghost gene


because there is only one, none of the babies are ghosts, but half (50%) of them are het for ghost


Congrats on your first clutch! Sorry to hear about the eye issue. Unfortunately that’s a part of breeding we will all have to deal with on occasion.

Just to clarify the odds are statistical probabilities. Being that one parent is a het the offspring have a statistical probability of 50% of them being het but it is only a probability. Think of it like flipping a coin. Flip it 6 times (one for each egg) and you will likely get heads 3 times and tails 3 times… but there is the potential you could get heads 6 times and tails 0 times… or tails 6 times and heads 0 times… or anything in between. In other words, they could all be hets or none of them could be hets, they’ll have to be proven out to determine for sure. They would be accurately labeled as “50% het ghosts” until they’re proven. Edit I saw where you wrote that “both are actually hets”. If you meant that both parents are het for ghost that means that your statistical probability for producing a visual ghost would be 25% while the remaining non-visuals would be 66% possible hets. With only 5 eggs missing that 25% (1 in 4) shot at a visual ghost is a real possibility, which appears to have occurred in your case assuming that’s what you meant by “both parents are actually hets”.

Hope this helps!


With mojave het ghost x pinstripe het clown they will all be 50% het ghost, 50% het clown. As they either got the gene or didnt.

If the parents were visual, then they would be 100%

If both parents were het ghost and het clown, then it would be 66% for each.


Thanks @verinium that was my question! That clears it all up! Here they are after coming out of there shells.


They look amazing, congrats again on the clutch!

Rereading your initial post it makes more sense what you meant by “both are hets”. One being het clown, the other het hypo. 50/50 coin flip for both recessive mutations for each egg!

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Congrats for your nice clutch. :blush:


I really like that jigsaw! I know it’s still got its egg skin on, but very nice pattern and bright colors! If your like me every clutch will be as exciting as this first one for ya! Nice job


Thanks. Good to know my babies are attractive.
Next clutch up is
Butter Spider Ghost x Banana GHI Mojave. I’m pretty sure there’s a worlds first in there.

Then I loaned that same Banana GHI Mojave to a friend and we’re gonna split several clutch’s. So it’s gonna be an exciting year of baby snakes.

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