First crested gecko but unknown morph

The breeder told me its a full pinstripe Harlequin… but im not Sure about that. Thanks for the answers :grin:


Harlequin pinstripe Dalmatian.
Put with the right Male you should have some lovely babies if you’re planning on breeding!
More spots come out with age, the older she gets the more spotty she will be!
All my dals/super dal morphs here get more spots with every shed so prepare for lots of spots! :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(She’s definitely my cuppa tea) :wink::heart_eyes:


Full Pinstripe, Harlequin, Dal Spots.

I’m still not convinced there are enough spots and at 24g I’d expect more, but like ghoulishcresties said, she could get more come through.

She is very pretty

Thanks guys​:grin::grin:
Can anyone tell me the Value?

Thats the Male to breeding!:heart_eyes:
Im New in the game… whats morph is that?:sweat_smile: He has 16g.

Harlequin partial pin with Dal spots. (Pos tri need some more side pics)

Do either have lineage?

Also with Dalmatian, if more than 25+ spots it’s a Dalmatian so people say! I breed and have quite a few with Dal spots or that are dals and super dals. One of mine is likes yours, she’s a Dal but doesn’t have a lot, her mums a super so she is getting more with each shed!

Make sure females atleast 45 before breeding and Male I’d say atleast 30/35.

Partial pinstripe, harlequin, dalmation (he should get more spots) and I agree possible Tri colour but would need to see more side pics.

Would need lineage to determine a rough price. Good lineage would mean they can sell for more. Colour and structure also play a huge part.

Dalmations are usually preferred without pattern and patterned geckos are usually preferred without spots… But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t sell, just not for as much as a patternless dalmation or a clean patterned Crestie.

And I agree with ghoulishcresties about weight.

Thanks guys! My Girl hasnt a lineage and from the Male i doesnt Know it, but i have pictures from the female adults !:grin:
And yes i’m in knowledge about the weight, thanks!:relaxed:

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Adults from the female


They’re lovely!
If no lineage value does go down quite a bit.
If you were to sell them,
Male roughly around 100. Dal spots also depend on price which is a pain as a lot of people want a clean animal especially with the tri morph and Dal spots can’t be gotten rid off :sweat_smile: (though I went for my extreme tri super Dal because of her spots!)
Female again, no lineage and spotting, but I’d say 150. She’s something I’d go for myself as she’s very pretty :blush:


Best bet would be to compare prices with similar Cresties on morph market, but remember to compare the lineage too.

Without lineage, I’d be looking to pay less. There are a lot on the market but it’s timing too, just needs to be seen by the correct person. Babies are sold for less than adults also.

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Thx guys!:grin: