First day gecko

I picked up this little guy at NARBC this past weekend ! theyre a few months old atm and i have a bioactive set up for him. I have a chewie and a leo so hes eating the same breeding and growth pangea formula I give to my chewie atm. is there any tips or tricks I should know to make sure he has good growth? (i will also be adding a snake plant into the enclosure as well as another arid tolerant plant and have added a pothos since the pictures were taken)


Welcome to the forum @sardonic-skink! Congratulations on your new little gecko! Your set up looks great as well! I like the extra plants you mentioned as well! I’m a big fan of Pothos even though it is not that exotic. It’s very hardy.

I have a crestie and a leo myself but no experience with day geckos unfortunately. However I am sure there will be someone to come along who will answer your questions!

Best of luck with all of your geckos! :+1::lizard: