First egg cutting

First time cutting eggs today marks day 59
Are the eyes suppose to look cloudy as if they’re in blue? Or did I cut too early?


I don’t think they’re supposed to look cloudy. As for cutting too early, I would wait until the clutch starts pipping, wait 24 hours to be safe, and then cut. At least wait until the clutch pips! If you didn’t you most definetly cut early.


Does it move?

6 eggs all responsive and moving

Looks good to me! Even if you cut early, which you didn’t unless your temps are way off. I always cut day 56 don’t wait for the 1st to cut, you could lose all but that one, guess how I know. Just make sure they don’t get too dry, if your humidity gets lower then 60% lightly mist. And I like to keep the snakes that come out in the container till they all come out. I think it helps let the others know it’s time, just my opinion not a proven fact. Good job! Nothings more exciting then a clutch hatching! Be your first or hundredth!

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