First eggs of 24

I finally got my Kingsnakes all lined up this year since I don’t have as many ball python projects to focus on. This should be the first of 4-6 clutches of cal kings this season.

Paradox Aberrant Albino x Triple Het Albino Hypermel Lavender

There have been murmurs that paradoxing in albino have passed on to offspring. Only 3 or 4 paradoxes have been brought out in the open despite more people claiming to have them. One way or the other I’ll learn something though :joy:


Always great to see a set of pearly whites waiting for you.

Also…that paradox is beautiful! What an awesome looking boy.


That paradox is crazy! Best of luck on the clutch. Hope it’s heritable. :slight_smile:


Here’s hoping you get another paradox. Your adult is a stunner for sure. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


I found it on Craigslist listed as a Banana for $40. Didn’t really occur to me I’d never seen a paradox king at the time. I posted it on IG and John Lassiter happened to see it. He connected me with Ross Padilla who is sort of the unofficial Cal King historian and Ross had only seen two others. There is a healthy list of people who want it lol. I’ve gotten offers that are nothing compared to ball python but are pretty ridiculous for a kingsnake lol. He’ll never leave though.

Yeah he’s really cool. I’ll have to post some close ups of some of the crazy red and yellow paradox spots you can’t see here.

Thanks! Not bad for a $40 Craigslist snake :joy:


Good grief, great find!!