First eggs of the season + egg sizes?

Hi y’all! First of all, just wanted to share the first eggs of the season. These (below links to my video on IG!) were from a GHI het pied ph lavender albino X mojave yellowbelly. Not a high dollar project, but GHI mojaves were one of the first combos that made me interested in morphs and refining those combos + producing GHI pied combos has been one of my goals since I started, so very excited for this clutch. This is also the first year that one of the girls I bought as a baby has grown up and produced a clutch for me, which is very exciting.

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On another note, I was wondering if anyone has insight/thoughts on what your average size/weight is for eggs? I only got five eggs from this girl (totally fine for a first year female) but the eggs she gave me are huge - 519g total for five eggs, which means the average is around 103-104g per egg. Late last year I used this exact same egg box for a clutch of 7 eggs, and I’m not kidding when I say that the 7 eggs fit in this box more easily than these 5 did. Just wondering if anyone has noticed anything interesting with egg sizes in terms of correlation with the size of females, health/size of hatching babies, etc. I’m wondering if these are indeed huge eggs or if I’ve just gotten small eggs in the past.


Congratulations on the eggs! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: for great success!!! :heart::pray::ok_hand:

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Egg size can vary on a lot of factors. Typically a smaller female means smaller eggs and clutch size…but genetics can also factor in as well. She could come from a line of females that lay larger eggs. Or maybe a line that lays smaller eggs so she can start off with a larger clutch.

I have a girl that so far has layed 5 eggs for 2 seasons. Her eggs were just slightly larger the 2nd year after she put on some size. So it’ll be interesting for me to see what she lays this season of she goes.