First eggs of the season!

Last year was my first year breeding geckos, and I was really happy with how my pairs turned out, so I figured I would do a 2023 season introduction! I am only planning one pairing this year - I’m giving one of my females (Ketterdam) the year off and the other (red LW) isn’t quite old enough yet. But, I am thrilled to say I just got the first pair of fertile eggs from Molly and Pongo! I bought these two separately specifically for each other, and this year they’re both old enough to breed. I’m hoping for some really nice dalmatians with good structure and big spots.

Molly (produced by Fringemorphs out of Speckles X Carrot): she laid two perfect, fertile eggs two days ago!

And Pongo (produced by Sevachko Exotics out of Marcello X Lisa):

I also will be really excited to pair my two sarasinorum geckos next season (not cresties, but closely related)! Can’t wait to work with that species, and I’m also becoming really interested in Bavaiya robusta and may be looking for a pair.

And last but not least: holdback updates! These are my two holdbacks from Mozart X Ketterdam last year, which y’all have seen before but I just got some recent pictures. Both are 10-12g and still NPV.

And then these are the two potential holdbacks from Molly’s pairing with Mozart last season. Both are going to be red but they’re only around 6g, so I’m waiting for them to develop a little more before I decide which one to keep (hoping at least one stays NPV).

What do y’all think? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Very nice to all :relaxed::star_struck:

Congrats on your first eggs this year, I’m still desperately waiting for this seasons first eggs :flushed:

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Figured I’d give an update here. This season my only pairing was for dalmatians, and these two popped out two weeks earlier than I was expecting. They were both over 2g at hatch, so big babies, even though I forgot how tiny they are. These are from my male who just passed, so at least I have healthy hatchlings from him.




Awwwwwwww! They are so light cutie pie babes! :clap::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I got some nice pictures of all 6 babies so far this year! This is my first year producing dalmatians and I am really excited to see how they grow. Let me know which ones you like the most/think have the most potential?

01 and 02 - 2 and a half months old, both around 3.5g!

03 and 04, both around 2.5g and a month and a half old. I’m really loving the one with the grainy yellow and portholes.

05 and 06, barely 2 weeks old (love how many spots that first one has)


Have you found any potential causes for the deaths?

Gorgeous babies!

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I have not, but neither gecko showed signs of illness. Unfortunately, I think most likely inadequate care by the pet sitter. Definitely not one I will be using again. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you! I’m very glad to have at least gotten babies from Pongo before he passed.


This is the one I really like too.