First ever clutch! What do you think we have?

Our first ever clutch of babies have hatched! We are soooooo excited about these little ones. :heart_eyes:

I’m hoping someone on here can help us a bit with identification. The mother was ID’d as a Cinnamon Mojave and the father was ID’d Pastel Vanilla GHI Orange Ghost. So they are all Het Orange Ghost. I’m not so sure the mother actually has Cinnamon, since to me none of the babies look very Cinnamony. But I would love to hear your thoughts!

Without further ado…

This one is clearly a GHI Mojave, and something else. Vanilla?

This one I think is “just” GHI Mojave. Beautiful!

Mojave, I guess? It’s lighter than I expected, but I don’t really suspect Vanilla or Pastel because of how much lighter its siblings are.

GHI… Vanilla? Pastel?

Mojave Vanilla?

Mojave Pastel?

Mojave Pastel Vanilla?



You are right the first one has to have a lightening gene. Could be pastel, or vanilla like you said. The one you labeled ghi, pastel, vanilla may be just pastel, ghi. My best guesses on all the Mojave’s are the same as yours! I really like that Mojave, vanilla with the reduced crazy looking side pattern, that’s a keeper to me! I don’t think I see any cinnamon either. Do you have pics of the parents as well? Fantastic clutch, can’t get enough of the GHI stuff! Congratulations!:star_struck::+1:


First one definitely has something going on making it lighter. I don’t think pastel as the blacks seem to still be rich, and pastel almost seems to make it more grey.

Second one id call ghi Mojave

Ghi pastel imo

I see pastave for this one and the next. They can have a huge amount of variation.


Last one also looks just pastel.


Thank you!! And I really like that one with the super reduced pattern also. So cool! Of course, it’s our first clutch, so I’m really excited about all of them. Even the Pastel - that one came out of a somewhat funky egg that we honestly didn’t think had anything alive inside at all. So he/she was quite a pleasant surprise!

Thanks very much for your input on all of them. This is a bit tricky! For one, I’m new to this, but also… with so much variety with the polygenetics and all, I’m learning it’s just really hard to be certain sometimes even with relatively simple combos.

I’m going to look this all over again when I’m a bit less sleepy. :sweat_smile:
Thank you again!

I’ll try to remember to add pics of the mom and dad soon.

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Decided to just quickly find some pics of the parents before going to bed, so I won’t forget. :laughing: