First ever frogs!

My dendrobates leucomela darts arrived! I’m collectively calling all 4 “The Hive” because their common name is bumble bee dart frog.


If I ever get into frogs I want poison darts of various species including these beauties!! :heart_eyes::heart::heart: stunning.


More pictures! It seems that I have one definite male out of the 4 as one keeps calling. I guess that means he approves his new home. They were sold as juveniles but I guess I got an older batch of leucs. All 4 tried to immediately jump out as soon as I started to open the lid of the container they were shipped in


A cool fact:

Dart frogs are completely non-toxic when bred in captivity. They gain their toxicity from the food that they eat in the wild. Even wild caught dart frogs will lose their toxins over time if kept in captivity and given a toxin free diet.


Yep I know. Neat stuff isnt it. Im hoping when I attempt to overturn the bylaw where I live regarding venomous to allow for mildly venomous/poisonous creatures to point this out regarding dart frogs. Their prob the only kind of amphibians I can think of that I’d like to try keeping if I could.