First ever paring?

What was your guys first ever parings would love to know :blush:


Venus(Enchi pastel lesser) x Freddy(pastel bamboo)
This was my first ever pairing last season. It didn’t go to great, but it was a good learning opportunity. I know what went wrong and have adjusted for this season!


My first pairing was a Banana het. G-Stripe x Caramel Albino G-Stripe. Caramel Albino females are known to have fertility issues, and ours was no exception. Clutch of six and only one made it. We did hit the odds though and got a Banana G-Stripe het Caramel Albino out of the egg. The hatchling was a runt, weighing only 35g at his debut. He’s a strong feeder now and will be ready to breed next season.


Mine was wc Sumatran short tail x wc Sumatran short tail!


Mine was a banana pastel to a lesser bee. I got 7 eggs. Wasn’t the greatest pairing but I was super excited


Mine was normal Xenopus laevis x normal Xenopus laevis. Xenopus laevis = African Clawed Frog. I was in elementary school at the time. My first snake pairing was Fluorescent Orange Corn Snake x Abbot Okeetee Corn Snake. I think my first lizard pairing was probably Uroplatus sikorae or Crested Geckos (Oddball Green x Red Patternless) but I can’t remember which was first.


So mine was Crested Geckos!

And it was first ever Crestie, My big ol Tricolour male Kaneki, who started the obsession actually, to my first ever female, Big Mama the Tangerine Super Dal, I got a lot of stunners from them for 3+ years :relaxed:

Now here I am years later with lots of adults and babies :joy:


Technically my first pairing was with my hognoses, male albino to a female green phase normal — produced 7 healthy eggs, one went bad though because my clumsy ass dropped the egg box while checking on them :joy::sob:
The other 6 hatched out just fine, and I held back one female — she’s over 150 grams now so I’m hoping she’ll hit breeding size by next season. Not sure if I’ll pair her to my lavender het albino male or my snow male… :thinking:

As for ball pythons, my first pairing was a male banana yellowbelly to a female pastel het VPI axanthic. 7 healthy eggs, but in the end only 1 baby survived and he’s got some… issues :sweat_smile: kinked tail and a funny shaped head. After months of assist feeding he finally learned how to eat on his own, and is now slowly gaining size.

Here’s him next to dad :grin: