First Impression on the Pixel morph?

So last night, Kobylka revealed his new morph; The pixel.,vid:2yDI-dND2ag,st:0

What are your thoughts on it?
Me? I like the look of the base morph,
But honestly I don’t care for any of the combos I’ve seen so far, they’re nice, but I’d rather just have the base morph.
Maybe when more people get thier hand on it and start mixing it with other Gene’s I’ll be wowed.
But don’t misunderstand, I do like the morph it’s self.
What would you want to do if you got your hands on one, or would you want one in the first place at all?


They’re cool! I want to see a super pixel banana, lav. How much do you think its starting market price will be?


I like it, it’s very unique! I’m interested in seeing how Justin is going to proceed with the project now that he has some supers. It’s not really a project that I would personally be interested in though, he said that it reminded him of Paint and I can buy a few het Paints for wayyyy less than he will be probably selling those for lol.

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I’d like to see it with :clown_face: of course, maybe GHI, granite, black pastel too but I like pattern changing morphs in general. I’d jump in later when the $ goes down.

I’ve no doubt he’s not going to let it go for less than 5k, so they won’t drop in price any time soon.
But I’m willing to wait, I’ve plenty of time…:smirk:

He mentioned that as well.
The nice thing with that morph is it’s not recessive.

I second the GHI and black pastel and will add in Mojave.
Also yeah, I’m mighty tempted to get one one the price isn’t equivalent to a small downpayment…:rofl:


Honestly, the morph itself does not impress all that much but I will admit that it more than likely has a lot of potential. I always like to see how new co dom and dominant gene react when put to recessives like clown or pied. I’d say give it a few years for it to be available to the public then it’s popularity will rise as more people are plugging it into different projects.


I’m interested to see where this goes. I thought these have been around for a few years. All the ones I’ve seen remind me a bit of some Sandblasts I’ve hatched over the last 10 years. I’m referring to Pixel Pieds.


I want to see an albino pixel


I am want to be able to hopefully produce my own banana clown pixel someday. I will probably buy one when the prices go down

I just had a chance to watch the video and I think that it has a lot of potential paired with the right morphs. Nothing I’ve seen so far has impressed me a lot but I love the pixelation on the sides which is the main effect of this mutation. I can’t wait to see some banana, pied, clown, and albino combos.

To me it looks a lot like Ralph Davis’s granite line. I always was a fan it’s a gene that had kinda disappeared.