First post! Trying to get away from Facebook. Boa keeper here!

Well. My title says most of it, hello everyone! I help admin a few groups on Facebook, Boa constrictor fanatics, boa passion, boa gene project, and a few others. My goal is to move completely away from Facebook as our groups are constantly under attack.
I realize the platform here isn’t perfect yet, but with popularity will come innovation, im sure.
I hope everyone reading this agrees its time to make a move. So here’s my start! I can answer any questions about genetics breeding and most health questions when it comes to boas! Feel free to message me. - Matt


Hi @mattcookreptiles welcome to our community. I believe that you will like it here. If you have any BI or BC or really any boa pictures, send over here because a lot of us including myself love boas. Once again welcome :grin: and I hope you have a wonderful day :partying_face:


I think you’ll find a lot of us here, who are trying to migrate away from Facebook and other social media platforms :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing your boa posts, do you keep any true red tails? We’re limited up here in Canada. The most I see are Suri’s now


Welcome, great place here! :snake:

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Welcome…Always good to have experienced keepers around. I have a juvenile RC Pastel Boa myself…Getting pinker every shed.


I guess we will just get use to slow reply times lol! It’s all good with me. Facebook rules are lame.

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If you wanna admin a group where you can communicate specifically with the people of your old group you could try Reddit! Here is nice of course, but I was just offering a suggestion for a place where it would be more similar to a FB group (although reddit is much nicer than FB in every way IMO).

Reddit also has live chat options and messaging options. Again, pleased to have you here and not trying to shoo you away, but just offering an additional site you might try.