First reptile shipment and already a disaster

The FedEx in my area is absolute garbage, I waited beside my window all day keeping an eye out for the truck, refreshing the page constantly to get updates, however I managed to miss it and there was no note left on the door so I’m not sure they even tried to deliver.

I’m very new to shipping reptiles, so I don’t know how worried I should be, the package I’m expecting has a baby Corn Snake hatched sometime mid-june, should I expect to open the package tomorrow (when they will attempt to ship it again) and see it dead, or am I worrying too much? I live in the NYC area where it’s getting quite hot, around 90-95 degrees

A lot has to do with proper packing and packing as if you were expecting a delay and proper weather condition as well.

100% of delays I have had arrived alive and well and I had a few over the years.

Right now with everything between covid delays and tempertures the safest place is to have your animal delivered to the nearest hub for pickup.

The animal is going back to the local hub today which is open till 8pm or 8.30 pm so what I would recommend is to pick it up tonight or put an hold on the package so it remains at the hub to pick it up first thing tomorrow (this will prevent having the animal going around on a hot truck for several hours again)


I agree, you should pick up at the hub. Next time have your reptile shipped to the hub then you won’t have problems with brain dead FedEx guys.

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Have you gotten your snake? Let us know how it turns out and if you’d snake is okay.

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yes sorry, I ended up waiting outside for a few hours just not to risk it, I asked them to hold it but they re-attempted delivery anyway. FedEx. He came in and so far is doing well. The box was p warm when it got in, but not too hot and once he got in his enclosure he started to explore a bit so nothing seems wrong so far. Thanks for the replies :smile:


Update!: Gummy Wyrm is doing really well and growing really fast, and I love him to bits <3