First Season Help!

This is my first season pairing and trying for baby balls. I have watched videos, read articles and asked locals. I’m at a loss though. I have three females I’ve been pairing since October and none show any signs. All are well above weight and I’ve visually seen locks with my males. But I’ve never seen an ovulation. And none of them look like I just didn’t see it and they are gravid. Then when I think there is a chance after a shed, nothing happens. I really need either guidance or a pat on the back.

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First thing you can do is get some pictures of them stretched out and pop them on here.

I’ll quote Deb here for some first hand knowledge😊:

And also there are a few topics here that might help:
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First one is deep in shed and is the most swollen.

This one was sold to me as proven last season

This female has had the most locks but it’s her first season


Sadly trying determine where an animal stands based on a picture is pretty much impossible unless you post a picture of an animal ovulating. And reading someone else animals without actually seeing them in person is not something easy.

Being able to read your own animals is something you will learn as you go along so don’t feel bad about this.

Are your females still feeding?

Where do they spend the majority of their time when at rest?


They are all still, the white one was on about a month strike but fed last week. They are mostly staying out off the heat mat.

If they are not seeking heat than they are not gravid, sorry.

Should I stop pairing? Is there potential of an ovulation taking within the next couple months still? I’m just lost since I’ve been trying since October with no luck.

I can’t answer that, depends on where they stand and whether it is worth it to continue or not.

I breed year round however I follow my animals closely and know when to continue and when to stop based on my observation which means evaluating the animal’s behaviour and also physically.

Do you know if they are developping follicles? If so what size?

I tried to check for follicles but don’t know what to feel for. I don’t have an ultrasound either.

You do not have to have a ultrasound machine to breed BP :wink: , I have done fine without one all those years you just need to get a feel for it, run your thumb down the belly of your snakes in the area of the ovaries, follicles feel smooth, rounded and together. The more you do it the better you will get at it.

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I usually start pairing in October and my females don’t usually lay until May. Typically they stop eating in January. If they went from voraciously eating to not eating and they look like they are still “full”, they are likely building.

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