First Shed, could use some help ID’ing

Morning all, wanted to pick everyone’s minds as to ID’ing this fresh shed clutch. Thanks for any and all help in advance.
Pairing was
Female: Leopard GHI Pastel het VPI
Male: VPI Bongo Mojave

Below are the little ones:






1 I’m pretty stumped on, my best guess is something like GHI bongo pastel pos leopard?
2 also a bit confusing, but pastel leopard ghi mojave
3 is looking a bit like a ghi mojave bongo
4 definitely at least vpi leopard, leaning more towards pastel being I there since the expression on vpi is so clean
5 looks like a pastel leopard

I’m relatively bad at IDing so I’d definitely get somebody like @t_h_wyman to help out (our splendiforous IDing mod) since he definitely knows his stuff


Honestly, I’m not seeing GHI in any babies or in mom either. I’ll have to do some more comparisons and come back later about bongo though, I’m not very familiar with it.


My best guesses so far are

  1. Pastave Bongo het vpi
  2. Pastave het vpi
  3. Kitchen sink het vpi
  4. Leopard VPI
  5. Pastel Leopard het vpi

@inspirationexotics , I agree I don’t see GHI in the babies, though the leopard is funky enough in the mom leading me to believe she is GHI.

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That is an stove not a sink :rofl:

Those babies are wonderful! Number 4 just blew me away. Congratulations on a really great looking clutch @10cserrano21! :+1: