First Tangerine Phantom of the year 🥲

Oh I’m so Happy, Big Mamas last egg of the year has hatched and of course my fav popped out 🥲 Couldn’t be happier. :relaxed:

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Hopefully it is a girl!


Awesome! I don’t get how crestie breeding works. Are there genetic morphs or no? How are the traits displayed? Super curious.


Most are polymorphic. Some morphs, like lilly white, are mendelian genetics which are the same as most other reptiles. Most crested gecko morphs are polymorphic, which usually can’t be predicted. Rather than thinking about it as having the traits inherited, think about it as the patterns being named. Inheritance can roughly be explained by both parents’ patterns blended together. The variety in the offspring are then identified and the patterns and colors are named for classification.
If you have some extra time reading through this should help you understand it.


Crestie morphs/traits are crazy lol I second the link above this comment, it’s a great read… Although I’m still lost on a lot of things :sweat_smile: possibly because some of the morphs/traits that we have named, might be incorrect :scream:


What are the signs of a tangerine? Do you know it’s tangerine because of parents’ colours or is there another way to tell? Just curious :slight_smile:

Both parents are tangerines, tangerines are a deeper orange and an orange Crestie is brighter orange. :blush:


I might have seen too many orange-y geckos mis-labeled as tangerine. Does the tangerine hue brighten with age? Can you show pics of the parents? :pray:

I’d love some tangerines for my orange tiger project some day.


I think there are a few miss labelled (not just with this trait)

I have an orange Brindle, she sometimes fires up very dark orange (tangerine), however she is usually a lighter orange when fired up so I class her as orange as opposed to tangerine.

Tangerine Cresties are a deeper colour than orange, regardless of age

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Would be nice to see some comparison photos, maybe in the Morphpedia under tangerine?

The thing with that is there’s a mix of the tangerines in the uk, and the ones in the us.

We both class tangerines as something different entirely. So if you have a look you’ll see that. :blush:

Oh dang. That’s not cool, I wish it was the same all over.


We’ve been trying to merge all in to one with most types, but apparently tangerine is too complicated :woman_shrugging: