First Time Breeding, Is She Gravid?

Not the best angle. Any info would be appreciated.


Have you seen an ovulation? Is she still on feed? Is she still bowl wrapping or staying primarily over the hot spot? Have you seen her laying inverted at all, like on her side or even belly up? All of these are things to watch for and help us to know if they are going to go. Let us know what you’ve observed.


She stopped eating mid February. Was staying on the cool side and wrapping her bowl. Last week she started to stay mostly on the hot spot and took a meal. She refused this weekend. She does lay sideways a little bit but nothing like I’ve seen in pictures. No POS either.

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Based on the answers, I would say not yet. Are you still pairing her and is she being receptive to the male? If she is rebuffing the male, that can be a good sign. I have found if they go back on feed consistently, then they likely will not go. However, since your girl took a meal and then followed up with a refusal, it is still uncertain either way. Keep us updated as you see more signs.

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She has such pretty colors! I’m not good at morph ids so I’m going to ask what morph she is? Good luck on your breeding journey! :blush:

Hi and welcome to the community :grinning: )
Im interested in the morph too. I would guess Clown but would need to see the face to be more sure.
Re Gravid question, I see skin between the scales, but that could be just weight or a big ovulation.
Do you have any other pictures? Showing spine and wider bulging sides is a good sign.
Also when was the last shed? If nothing happens in 30 days or so from then (depending on temps) then not gravid.
I would not worry about one meal, it has been known to happen while gravid rarely. But if she wants to feed and mate, let her, it might happen later.

Sometimes you just have to wait and see. I often miss ovulation, its just a brief thing.
Thi is not the most expert advice, Others will know more than me, just my opinion.
I would suggest watching all this persons videos on female changes through the breeding process.
There are many videos on the females throughout the process if you have the patience.

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