First Time Clutch, need help with morph ID!

So I’ve got my first clutch, who has hatched healthy, shed out and are looking great (And cute!) I’ve got my thoughts on what the hatchlings are morph-wise, but I would like to pull on all ya’ all’s experience and get your thoughts.

The pairing was a Pastel Butter Enchi/100% Het for Desert Ghost x Gravel* (I am not 100% sure on that, but it’s my best novice guess) What I don’t know is if the mum, who is the potential Gravel, has any other things kicking around in there.

Pastel Butter Enchi/Het DG:

And of course, the hatchlings!

I can also provide additional pics if needed to help w/the ID. Thanks so much in advance!


Congratulations on a lovely healthy clutch! All the babes are very nice! I can’t decide which I like the best! :snake::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! I was a bit surprised by the variation in color, pattern, etc! A “favorite” is up in the air for me as well atm!

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