First time doing maternal incubation

After breeding for 3 years i decided to take a try at maternal incubation. She laid 4 good eggs, kicked one out after about a week, but it went bad after being moved to the incubator. The remaining 3 pipped on christmas eve. I definitely see myself doing maternal again in the future. She ate a few times while sitting on eggs as well, and they were right on time at day 60.
Pairing was black head phantom X hypo enchi


What did you change from your regular husbandry to have the maternal incubation be successful (humidity/temp/feeding/in same room with your other reptiles)? I think that’s neat.


I didnt change anything besides limiting opening her tub. She was kept on cocohusk that i moistened weekly, and i run a room humidifier regularly in my snake room so i didn have to do much differently for my set up


Well congratulations to you and momma! And dad of course! And the babies are beautiful little noodles! :star_struck::heart:

I love it when things work out for reptiles and their humans!!! :sunglasses::+1: