First time making an enclosure

Hi I’m new to the crested gecko community, I’ve done a lot of research about how to set up their homes but I’m a little stuck now. I was possible thinking of getting a tiny waterfall for their enclosure since it will be bioactive, I wouldn’t keep it on all the time, but any help would be appreciated!


Well hello @channel137! Welcome to the forum family! I am not a crestie breeder or expert but I do have 1 little sweet guy ? named Mimosa. He is in a bioactive enclosure but he has no water fall. He does have a feeding ledge that includes a small water bowl that he drinks from.

I’m spritz him with water occasionally and sometimes he likes it but sometimes not. Tbh your little guy might enjoy a small waterfall to drink from or splash in. As long as there is no chance of drowning l……:lizard:


@ghoulishcresties has some damn amazing looking enclosures for crested geckos


Your idea sounds great, would love to see a pic once it’s done :smiling_face:

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I set mine up bioactove and with a bunch of live plants and a diy spray foam background and one fake decoration because I like it lol. But all live plants and a drainage layer with spring tails and isopods. Let it sit for a little over a month to grow in and then added my new gecko. I do have a mister set on it and a heat lamp only because my downstairs gets very cold but they’re both plugged into a hydrostatic controller to regulate it and it’ stays very consistent. So far my gecko loves it he hangs out on the background up high on the ledge and moss and even down low in the leaf litter.


Wow! That looks really great! Love all of the green! I really need to redo my gecko’s enclosure. Or at least rearrange and add more green.

Great work @ryanjc91080! :pray::+1::heart_eyes:


That’s really good.

I’m going to be buying a new enclosure and can’t wait to do it :smiling_face:

Only thing is I can’t see much horizontal climbing prospects. Could be there but pic doesn’t show much. If you don’t have much then I’d suggest more branches etc or you may find the Gecko gets FTS.

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