First time male - a highly anticipated pairing

Everybody wish this lil guy some luck! He’s 588 grams and i’ve just begun to introduce him to his girlfriend! :slight_smile:

most of my success this year with fist time males has been pairing them 600g or so. and while this is a little under, i figured i’d give it a shot!

pewter sandblast het pied x pastel grey matter het pied

i’ll post an update if he gets the job done


He’s so little 🥲

My male is around 1300+ and not been bred yet. When he is breeding I’m hoping he won’t be lazy :sweat_smile:

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They can do that lol :upside_down_face:. I have a male BP who is a lady’s man and has never not produced the 5 seasons I’ve had him. Love Bernie :heart:


yeah he is! my best breeders this season have been 600 grams or so

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