First time mother

“Deet” the pastel paired with a Narna
I can see rosy glowing eggs, there’s 6 or 7 there. Gonna leave her maternally incubate. I didn’t want to mess about so a not very impressive photo


Wow @welshmorphology that photo is so perfectly perfect for a post like this, you captured the mom and the eggs. It is just perfect :ok_hand:


Here is another 1st time mother.

Black pastel pied x silver streak het pied.

Fingers crossed🤞


Pieds are so amazing! I am a new hobby breeder. First ever clutch coming very soon (lesser x kingpin.) My next project is definitely piebald! I cant wait to get one of those beauty’s!

That photo is phenomenal

For those of you that let mom incubate …Do you let all mothers or just those at a certain weight? I heard some say at a certain weight , but if they hadn’t done it from the get go would they know to stay or would they leave them after a few days or weeks?

Any female regardless of weight is capable of maternal incubation and is fundamentally genetically ingrained to do so even if other clutches have been removed before.

That being said a larger more mature(heavier) female will be better equipped to handle the stresses that go with it. Remember that she’s already gone off food during breeding season and now will spend another 2 months incubating and not eating so that will definitely take a bigger toll on a smaller female.

The reason we pull eggs as breeders is to reduce the stress and get the female back on food sooner and hopefully up to weight again for the next season. It also gives us more control over the incubation as maintaining exact temp/humidity parameters is easier to achieve in a good incubation setup.

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What temp and humidity do you incubate your ball python eggs, I’m new to the ball python hobby and trying to learn

Deet looks good enough weight wise after laying. TBH I am not overly fussed about artificially incubating them, it’s not as if they are a high end clutch so I am leaving her do her thing. I’m sure will fare well during this process


I think it’s good for anyone that breeds to experience the female do her natural thing at least once.

I keep my incubator @ 88 which gives me 88-90 inside the individual egg bins with 100% humidity. I find it better to er on the cooler side and maybe give an extra day or two for pipping. I’ve found too high a temp is more detrimental than a degree or 2 lower. Everyone has their own methods/feelings on it and fortunately there are many slight variations that work, as long as you get healthy babies in the end it’s a success.


yep for sure :slight_smile:


although TBH I am not really fussed if they weren’t fertile. I think as long as I can do the most natural thing in captivity I will.
I incubate a lot of gecko species (in situ) just put them in a lil tub of damp serimis and leave them too it