First time setting up an enclosure… help with heat and lighting? 😖

I’m kind of terrified about setting up the heat and lighting for my 4x2x2 (mesh top) enclosure. :tired_face: I’m getting a northern bts, and this will be the first time I’ve had to set up warm/cool/basking areas, or manage temperatures and uv levels. I’m wondering what bulb is appropriate for the species, and the size of the enclosure. There are so many options, it’s really overwhelming… What’s the best choice? I have reflector lamps and CHEs for night, but not sure about daytime/uvb.

Lamp and CHE I have:

Temps I’m aiming for (in Fahrenheit) are 100-102 for basking, 96-98 for warm side, and 75-79 for cool side. I’ll have both an IR temp gun, a solar meter, and of course thermo/hygrometer in the enclosure.

Thanks! I guess this is probably a newb question, but I just really don’t want to mess something up, to the detriment of the animal…