First time shipping reptiles, need some advice

Hi guys, I will need to ship out a corn snake for the first time and need some advice on when to ship (due to weather). I was reading “shipyourreptiles” shipping standards and it says that temperatures need to be at least 40 degrees both ways, does this mean the daytime high is 40 degrees or the daytime low is 40 degrees? What about the nightime high/low should i consider that at all? Like say next thursday is suposed to be a high of 48 degrees were Im shipping him too and a high of 58 degrees were I live, would these be good conditions to ship the snake, with a heat pack? Thank you in advance and sorry for all the questions Im throwing at you guys.


I personally would not ship at all during the month of February. FedEx is extremely backlogged still, and you never know what winter-y issues you might arise in. How I’ve always read their shipping standards is to never ship below 40 (regardless of day time high or night time low).


So when they say low temps, that for day and night. If your night time low is above 40, but day time is below 40, it’s not safe to ship and vice versa. You will also need to know the hub (Indianapolis or Memphis) temp. Your snake will be processed through one of these hubs. Ship your reptiles is an excellent company imo, and they will answer all your questions.