Fish Categories [1188]

Have y’all ever considered a new category???

Like tarantulas? Or even fish??? Just a thought…

Bugs yes, see: Major invert categories?

Fish, not in the near term, but it’s possible.

It’s called morphmarket not “the fish market” lol

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I wouldn’t mind fish being a thing. It would be nice to have a better place than ebay to have people sell their bettas and other fish online. If bugs are allowed then fish should be since they are closer to reptiles than bugs.


Selling fish though is problematic with the shipping aspect. It much more difficult to ship fish than it is bugs, inverts, and reptiles.


Shipping them would probably run with the same risks as shipping certain amphibians. A lot of sellers don’t guarantee live arrival of amphibians, but that is for the seller to take care of, not MM. We could at least have a good outlet for them.

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True that would be for the seller to take care of, but with someone shipping fish not knowing what they are doing it could be a headache for those that have to deal with unhappy people. There are already two very well established sites that deal only in fish so i don’t feel it would be worth the time for mm to add that as a category.

There are very well established sites that deal with bugs and amphibians yet we added those as well. The people that sell on ebay and ship their animals out could use a better outlet. Amphibians especially could bring just at many headaches given the people selling them might not know what they are doing when shipping them. There are just as many risks with new sellers and shippers for amphibians and any other live animal. I am not talking about bringing in people that don’t know what they are doing though, I am talking about people that have already been selling/shipping fish for a while.

Agreed. Been there and done that with fish and on top of all the shipping risk they are extremely more fragile than reptiles and bugs. When I bought in large quantities I would have some bags have 50/50 alive and DOA. I honestly think fish should never be added. So many more problems that comes with shipping them, diseases, those diseases spreading, and some fish being illegal in certain places and becoming a pest. Just so many more additional factors.

A lot of the issues you just listed are already problems in the reptile/amphibian industry. Diseases are always a risk (this is why you quarantine fish as well), so is DOA (especially with amphibians), and there are those that are illegal in some places as well. Frogs/toads could easily become pests in many places if they were to be released.

Shipping precautions would need to be cranked up, but just like with amphibians live arrival isn’t always guaranteed. But this also allows people to be able to find where sellers for certain fish are located, so they don’t have to have sellers online ship a fish they have been looking for.


Good points but I’m still hesitant about agreeing with it as a whole. And let’s just say as a hypothetical situation fish do get added what precautions are made? Who is to say I cant get my hands on illegal species of fish? I wont name any names but a few companies I have bought from will sell certain species of fish that are illegal or somewhat rare/endangered under the table for the right price.

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People that sell endangered species of snakes (like the black pine snake) will have it listed on the ad that they won’t sell outside of their state unless someone has the proper permit. Same thing goes with people selling turtles under 4 inches in shell length as they are sold to people that have permits for them. It would be up to the sellers/buyers to police the community as a whole, just as we do now. I feel like it would be easier to make sure that doesn’t happen on MM than most places.


I like the idea of fish being added in the future.
A lot of local physical stores are giving up the fight against the internet and taking their business online. One of the best in Manchester UK, closed their doors for good a few years back because a majority of their sales were coming from online.

Shipping would need working out on a individual basis between buyers and sellers. Your going to want different delivery aspects for tetras or tiger barbs than you would for discus, and again for flowerhorn cichlids. The value of the animal will depend the value of the delivery service, and as with reptiles, it is then on the buyer to document/have tests done on the animals for the first few weeks/months.

As for disease, as @ashleyraeanne mentioned, quarantine is just as important in aquatic husbandry as it is in reptiles.

I think if properly thought through it could be a really good addition.


All very good points with this but if it does get added I think there should be a required minimum purchase price. It wouldn’t make sense to just sell one gold fish or one betta when shipping will cost more than the animal and like I said earlier in a separate post what happens if fish are added and then people will request corals to be added or freshwater plans? I think if categories are added one after another it will cause a sort of domino affect of people wanting more and more categories and then it may just become overwhelming. Maybe I’m wrong but think that would happen if we continue added things outside of reptiles.

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I completely get what your saying and without proceeding carefully we could end up overwhelmed but we would have to work on each and every request individually rather than just say “no more!”. Fish I would say is a reasonable request whereas coral/plants/decoration is a separate market.

All though it might not have been Johns original intention, the site has grew from being a place for just reptiles to a place for basically most non-mammals.

If it is approached in a professional manner I believe it could be pulled off without many extra issues arising.


I guess my main issue is this. I love morphmarket because it is centered mainly around reptiles, amphibians, and turtles. if we start to add more non-reptile related categories then we have now just become another facebook market place or Craigslist. just my 2 cents take it as you will.