Flame/fire question

Since the 2 genes are the same, putting them together i should get white snakes correct? I probably should have confirmed this a long time ago but oh well. In about 2 weeks this will be answered anyways. Now when it comes to labeling them, would it be super fire or super flame or super fire/flame?

Any fire complex gene will make black eyed leucistics in homozygous form. However if you use different lines ie sulfur and fire, you’ll get more pattern and color on the dorsal.

If you have IG search the hashtag #sulfurfire and some of mine will come up.


Not entirely correct. The SuperVanilla and the SuperDisco are not BlkELs and neither are any compound heterozygous combos with them


Correct as always. I’ll blame the jet lag I flew from California to DC then Ohio so I was a little burnt yesterday lol.