Floating Birth Chamber. I need to protect hatchlings if they hatch while away. Advice?

Advice please.
I have had my first ever ball python clutches of eggs. Number 4 is likely to hatch when I am on holiday abroad.
I cant jig the temperatures to avoid the dates but will try.
My Plan is to move the eggs in their last week to a floating birth chamber.
That way if they hatch while I am away they will have access to fresh water.

I plan to put the eggs in a dry tray with no lid and then in a bigger tub that has water in it and a lid.
Actually its wedged in so wont float to high so hatchlings can get underneath
That way the eggs have humidity and when they hatch the snakes can climb out and have access to water.
Advice, is it ok and if not other options please

They don’t need any water for the first several days. I don’t give them a water dish until they shed around day 7-8. How long do you anticipate being away?


Thanks I am panicking a bit. I am away for 10 days :cry:

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They should be fine. Even if they hatch the first day you’re gone it shouldn’t be an issue. Especially if the substrate they’re on stays wet.


Thanks, I have proper over wet substrate with a defuser so eggs cant touch it so there will be a good resiviour of water. I could top it up if needed before going away.

Edit: its my favourite clutch, 7 good candled eggs, 50% BEL so I really wanted these to do well.
Typical that this clutch came at this time.

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