Floppy tail Syndrome in Crested Geckos

FTS or Floppy Tail Syndrome is when a Crested Geckos tail flops at a 90 degree angle over the Crested Geckos body or sideways. This will cause a dip at the base of spine which is noticeable too, or the base can be twisted at an angle.
Causes can be only sleeping upside down, lots of branches/plants can stop this from happening, even mbd can cause this also.
This ‘can’ cause issues with females when laying eggs due to the deformity but not always, if twisted at base I do not recommend breeding her.

Here’s Haise: He was brought with FTS, it didn’t happen here. You can see the dip he has from it:


Here’s a few other Cresties online with FTS.


This can happen in other Geckos also.


This is really horrible. Thank you for posting this, hopefully it raises awareness of it so people can start to change.


I was looking at a female with fts, so I was wondering if getting the gecko to drop its tail could at least solve part of the problem? If so, why don’t people do it?


( @ghoulishcresties and @foxreptile will have to verify for me, but) I think that FTS, aside from the possible laying difficulties mentioned, does not cause a huge decrease in quality of life. Though I’ve gathered that cresties can drop their tails quite readily, it’s still doubtlessly an unpleasant experience for the gecko. And though minimal, I’d assume there is some minor risk of infection while the gecko is healing.


Unfortunately once a Gecko has FTS it already has the arched back meaning dropping the tail won’t make it go away, however it might prevent it getting worse. There are other options though.

One of my most expensive geckos has slight FTS. He got it as he doesn’t sleep normally, despite what he has available. I work a lot and didn’t know much about it then, so I was unable to spend all day moving him the right way around. However after finding out the issue, I took every precaution I could & A LOT of perseverance :sweat_smile:

He is an amazing gecko that still has his tail today. Here are some pics of him and his wacky sleeping positions

I wouldn’t purchase a female with it, if I was considering breeding. However as long as the seller is genuine, I wouldn’t not buy, if it was for pet.

Definitely a great post to put out there :+1:

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There are people that do this. I didn’t include in post as I don’t agree with forcing a gecko to drop its tail as it is stressful for them.

But as said they’ve already got the deformity from it so really isn’t any need to force to drop also.

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Okay. I was just thinking if a female was like a backbone breeder who developed FTS, or like an extremely rare morph worth breeding if it was an alternative.
But, yeah I get that the stress isn’t usually worth it.

I’m not sure it would be worth it as could cause death!

Not something I’d be willing to risk

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Okay, good to know.

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