Florida Green Snakes

Can I house two Florida green snakes together in a 10 gallon tank

The only snakes I know that do well when kept together are garter snakes. It is best to just be on the cautious side of things and not take a chance of them fighting (especially if they are both males), trying to eat each other, or just being stressed from being kept together in a tiny tank. With reptiles in general, unless we 100% know that they do good together, best to not take any chances. Especially when you are new to keeping and don’t know what behavior to look for.


Usually when people have to ask about cohabitation that’s because they do not have the necessary experience, so doing it is not wise.

My advice do some research, decide which species you want to keep, buy 1 snake know how to read your animal, and as you are more familiar with your snake and know how to troubleshoot your animal and be a problem solver without the help of others than you can start experimenting with various husbandry practices based on the species and the knowledge you have acquired.