Fogger for Ball Python Humidity

Hello there. Still new to having a snake and have been working on getting the 25 gallon tank we have setup perfectly for our new 1 year old BP. I think I have temp figured out but am stuggling to get humidity above 50% for any period of time. I have 2 water dishes, cypress mulch and spagnum moss substrate. I am using a ceramic heat emitter set to 87 on the warm side. Digital infrared thermometer reads low 90s surface temp on the warm side, high 70s to low 80s on the cooler side. I have sealed the mesh top with foil and duct tape.
I have ordered this fogger:

Having said that I do not want to risk an RI (that killed out first snake a couple weeks ago, turns out he was already sick when we got him) and I have read mixed things about fogging. Any suggestions are super appreciated.


My enclosures are way more humble than yours since I use tubs but do you have any under tank heating or just overhead heating? 50% is a good percentage. The overhead heating dries out the tank so proper humidity is hard to establish. But 50 to 60 % is a good range.

I know nothing about foggers so I will pass the baton to anyone else who knows about/how and when to use or not use them……

Were you able to contact the seller about Reggie? It’s such a shame that he was ill when you got him……

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Thanks. I do not have any under tank heating at the moment. I am mostly worried about how I will up the hunidity when he sheds. As for Reggie, it was at a large expo and I dont have contact info for that breeder unfortunately


Are you going to leave the heat lamp on 24 7? You will have to actually……

Hello, not to say that nobody uses foggers, because I frequently read on here about misting daily with a spray bottle. Same ideathough. I really can’t speak to how to set one up. Sorry I can’t help you with that.

I do think your temps might be a tad high. I believe the hot side should read probably around 87 or 88 degrees on the surface, and the cool side is probably fine though 76-79 is what I aim for. I’m sure our more experienced and more knowledgeable members will share their thoughts or suggestions for you. I’m very sorry about your first snake who passed.


I agree with @gina5678 Gina on the hot side surface temp. 85 to 86 degree surface temp is warm enough.


I am so sorry to hear about Reggie. He was such an amazing snake with a great name.

As for the fogger, I really don’t have much input. I have seen some very conflicting info out there about them and most of it isn’t positive. I would personally invest in an automatic misting system like a mist king or similar high end system.


Yes. It is a ceramic heat emitter. So it does not produce light. His room is beight during the day and completely dark at night


Have to agree with the others. Temp is to high. If heating from above, surface should be around 86 on hot side. Bringing this down will help the humidity. But humidity stable at 50% is good. During shedding just mist/spray to get it up to 70% max.
Another thing you can do is seal up any vents on the front and you can make a gasket from tape to close the gap between the doors. Adding bedding to the second water dish will help keep the humidity under longer.


Thanks for the advice. I will drop the temps a little and hold off on the fogger. I might also get a lower wattage element. Maybe that would help keep the ambient temp stable while keeping the surfave temps cooler