Follicle absorption

Do females aborb at 40mm? One of my girls has been sitting on 40mm follicles for about 2 weeks now. Still glowing, still cool seeking, so i didnt miss ovy. Only checking on her once a day as i do will all my ball pythons. Last ultrasound was 2 weeks ago, i do not want to handle her or anything unless necessary.

My understanding is that females can reabsorb up until the point of ovulation, so if she hasn’t ovulated yet, then yes. (I don’t claim to be a vet, though, so someone is welcome to correct me on that). But sometimes it just takes them a while to get to that ovulation point.

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I jumped the gun as normal. She is in ovy now. Cross fingers for super fires


Having that ultrasound is a major advantage but probably threw you off a bit with follicular growth stalling pre-ovulation.

Congrats on the ovulation, hope you get some great odds!

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