Follicle development

I have a 3 year old female fire pinstripe. She has been paired successfully many times since October. She was ultrasounded late April and found to have 10mm folliciles. Then late May out of curiosity and learning I palpated her and felt what I thought was 8 larger follicles. So I asked my friend if she would ultrasound her again, we found 9 27mm follicles. She refused her first meal in months this last week. I paired her again and neither showed any interest in breeding. Still spending majority of the time on cool side. How fast do follicles grow? I found 2 differnt numbers. One said 4-7mm a week and another said 10mm a month.

From what I’ve noticed animals can build at different rates. The most common correlation I’ve seen to follicular growth is feeding rate or response. I don’t have a ultrasound machine though so this is based on personal experiences and manual palpation.

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We have an ultrasound and I can tell you what we have found although all animals do build at their own speed, some faster some slower.
What I have found is on average they build around 10mm a month . They tend to fast when follicles reach 2-2.5cms in size and ovulate anywhere from 3.5-5cms.
On average from fasting tends to be 6-8 weeks before they either ovulate or absorb follicles. As I say some will go slow then speed up and the reverse can happen. So this is just a guide. Hope it helps.


Thank you bot comments help. Hopefully she will go late. I figured if she hasnt ovulated by august 1st i will ask for another ultrasound. I hope to get my own ultrasound machine in the coming months

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She refused food again. So I will take it as a good sign.

I should have updated. She ovulated July 4th and 11 eggs are due to hatch oct 14