Follicle question

I palpated 2 of my girls 2 weeks ago, I felt huge half dollar size on both. Both are still on feed, but one is getting less consistent. 1 is making the male work, the other is still eagerly locking. My question is, is there a point before ovulation you can’t feel them anymore? Both girls are still bowl wrapping, 100% on cool side and when stretch i can see the. Build swell easily so I am confident they have not absorbed.

I hope I’m answering this correctly!

They do seem to get to a point where the follicles are so big and so close together that it’s hard to feel the individual ones, more so if the female has a lot of follicles. Once they ovulate of course, you can no longer feel them as they are being turned into eggs.

Either way, I’d keep pairing until they ovulate, by then they will also likely stop accepting food.

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