Follow breeder/business

I like the idea of following a breeder/business. But my question is then what happens after you follow them? I haven’t noticed any notifications when that breeder/business that you follow posts a new animal. Likewise there’s been a few that I’ve recently started following because certain reasons. Is there an option I’m missing to view followed business/breeders?

I bring this up because there’s people I’d like to follow with what is available. Because they produce quality animals and or of certain genes. Just feels like a miss opportunity to do something with such a useful function.

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There is a way to view all of the animals for sale from followed stores. If you go to the followed stores page (in the dropdown menu at the top right), at the top right of that page (straight across from the Followed Stores title), there is a button that says Followed Stores Feed. From there you can view only the animals for sale from these sellers, and use the typical search features (like sorting by most recent first).

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Sorry i was referring to in the app. Although i did see how to view the stores in app. It’s the star symbol.

You are correct in that “following” hasn’t mean that much to date, however that has just changed recently.

In new search now you can filter any search to stores you are following with one checkbox. Likewise you can save that search and get alerts on it.

We have some more stuff coming that will further leverage following.

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I was about to say i havent seen this option yet. But i did see it in the favorite sections. Then i realized it was only available in the new beta search screen.