Food for Savannah Monitor’s

Are chicken hearts healthy to feed a 7-8 month old Savannah monitor and if so how often can u feed them these?

According to Clint’s Reptiles. Savanna Monitors should be eating bugs,roaches…or they will get fatty liver disease.
Savana Monitor, the best pet reptile.

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I’d say they’re definitely more of an occasional treat than a staple food. You would probably be fine to give one heart every couple months, depending on how big your monitor is. I’m not great with large lizards lol, but this care sheet on LLLReptile’s site has some interesting points on nutrition.

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Chicken hearts are an excellent staple food for a Savannah monitor. They have less fat than superwoms and are high in calcium. There’s a lot of nonsense messaging out there. You can just search Google for the nutrition profiles, look at the ratio of fat to protein. Ideally there is more protein than fat in the food source. Hearts and gizzards are both great and cheap.