Food Sizing for MBK

My girl, Sasha, is 18 months old now. She weighs 130 grams. Plus or minus… I’ve read that food should just slightly plump out the largest part of the belly of the snake. That would mean hoppers now. But, I’m concerned that she would struggle to get it down her mouth! I know they stretch, but I’d hate to push it.

She is now getting a fuzzy mouse every four to six days. Can anyone tell me thoughts? I’ve attached a pic of head and belly…


It is best to feed a food item that is just about the size of the widest part if their body. For my king snake I feed him no more than 10% of his body weight in one sitting. So long as they are in good body condition with what you do feed them, it should be alright. A 13 gram mouse would be needed for Sasha if you want to stick to the 10% rule. Some king snakes (and snakes that usually eat snakes in the wild like the Eastern Indigo) don’t have as stretchy of jaws as something like a python. They have stronger jaws to subdue snakes.

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Can’t seem to attach pics at the moment…???

I will test if it is just on your end…one moment

You sure your image isn’t too big maybe? (File size wise).

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There she is! 13 grams would be a BIG hopper. Yikes!

I feed my king snake 10-12 gram mice and he is 120 grams roughly. He is also an Arizona mountain king snake. If not a 10 or so gram mouse, I will feed him a couple smaller ones to equal that amount. She looks of a healthy weight so I wouldn’t worry honestly. If you want you can DM me a picture of her next to one of her mice she has been eating. I don’t think pictures of dead mice (being eaten or not) are allowed in the public eye.

Mine is almost 2 years old and I feed him a fuzzy rat or a large pinky rat. Usually once a week but he has easily gone once every two weeks. I like to keep his prey smaller than I do my other snakes that are about the same age. He seems to do better overall without a large meal in him.

Update: Sasha is over 200 grams now. I am feeding her rat pups. Every time I upsize, the nervous dad kicks in, but she’s a champ! Today is her birthday - big 2! No pics today as she is quite blue and hiding.

Thanks again, @ashleyraeanne for the 10% rule!

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