For anyone that has a feeding issue with Dumerils, particularly baby ones

Just a quick background so folks know its not a armchair advice- I have raised Dumeril’s since 98’ and they are the first kind of boa I’ve owned and still do. Currently up to fourth generation refinement of my group, along with a hundred or so of their offspring- so I’ve delt with hard feeders the hard way with assist feeding. I can only think of one that ended in failure, was one of my dwarfs and at the time(14 years ago or perhaps more), I felt it was a dwarf problem since dwarf is an abnormality.

Recently, I’ve made a more focused attempt to produce dwarf since I have more popping up and I have the time/space. One in particular from the that season(21’) never got the drift on “this is how we survive”, so I was nearing wits end with it. I had/have more experience with lizard eating snakes(western hognose) more modernly so in thinking about Madagascar, small Dums must eat a few of them(lizards) when the opportunity arrives, right? Tossed a live green anole in with it and it disappeared the next day. I didn’t believe it and assumed it just escaped somehow so tried it again, gone by morning. Now it does eat rodents straight up after a few weeks of scenting with anole. Somewhat interested in trying scenting agents now for the next time it happens and will since I don’t often have disposable lizards.

Long story short, if your dumeril won’t eat and its not an environmental problem, try a lizard.

Would be interested in any thoughts or experiences with Dumerils with this approach. Thanks.
Matt Schubarth- The Biophiliac on kinsnakedotcom from the turn of the millennia, yeah a real nut.


Hey Matt! Welcome to the community/family! Great post too! I don’t have any experience with Dumeril’s boas but one of my western Hognoses came with a complimentary frozen toad. lol! For scenting I suppose. Not exactly a lizard but close! :lizard::snake::+1::blush:

Thank you. My Western Hog exp is primary through one of my best friends that has grown up and taught me a lot about his side of reptiles. Historically, I’ve always raised my own rodents for their food and it does the trick most of the time. When he gives me WHN, he guarantees they mouse feed and they do. But through his work with WHN, got my brain going on if hog tactics would work. Geeze Hogs… I’ve always been interested in them but was satisfied to live vicariously through Dan. Now that they(hogs) know I’ll mist them almost everyday, idk if they drink from a dish anymore and wait for “the rain”! Little spoiled turds! Love watching them lap mist and drops and I think they are expecting it. When the keeper becomes the kept so to speak.

Just a note- I’ve seen the scenting products in action and they work! WHN goes from not eating mice to eating a pinkie finger since ya probably got some frog juice on it too!


That’s funny but I think I will keep my finger thank you very much :joy:. But yes my crestie laps up the “rain” so it stands to reason that hognoses would follow suit and keepers should be kept! Lol! :rofl: