For EU - specifically Italian folks: Reptile Laws & Regulations?

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TL;DR: Can you get reptiles shipped to Italy, apparently no companies specialize in shipment? Do you need a license to breed reptiles in Italy? No import or export of wild animals but what are the specifics of captive bred reptiles?

TL;DR: Puoi spedire rettili in Italia, a quanto pare nessuna azienda è specializzata nella spedizione? Hai bisogno di una licenza per allevare rettili in Italia? Nessuna importazione o esportazione di animali selvatici, ma quali sono le specifiche dei rettili allevati in cattività?

I’m pretty new to the reptile community as a whole and at least where I live in Italy (sadly enough, don’t speak italian just yet) it’s completely unheard of.
There is almost nothing here in my location for kilometers but some reptile stores in Firenze and one in Arezzo and I am deeply saddened with how little there are, the community also feels very small but it could be that perhaps I am not looking at the right places.

I found some posts - A law was released in Italy that wild animal trade and transport etc of Reptiles have been banned, what about captive bred reptiles? They banned shipment of reptiles as well and there are apparently no specialized companies who can ship reptiles so you can not buy any from overseas??
Do you need a license to breed reptiles and sell them? All these questions.

I’ve searched far and wide in Italian and English and at the government website to try to find specifics about it and even just general laws on keeping reptiles or breeding reptiles.
I can not find anything.
If any italians or even people who know the law here or tried searching (specifically Tuscany-region) to answer this question, I’d be so grateful!

I was genuinely excited to own some reptiles and I’m a lover for terrariums, vivariums, etc. You name it!!
I was ready to house in a reptile after winter for a future breeding project whilst giving it a huge enclosure made as native as possible to their natural habitat…
But the news really bummed me out, almost refusing to believe it’s this strict and my inability to find the information I needed left me feeling really lost and disappointed.

Tell me what you know and your thoughts!

P.S. Arezzo has an expo so there has to be a communit so I hoped perhaps some of them would be around on MorphMarket .

There must be some reptile keepers in Italy, I’m sure I heard that the Lavender morph of false water cobra either originated in Italy, or a lot of the visual lavenders in Europe/the UK were bred in Italy and were exported from there.

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There definitely is, I’ve found some in Rome etc.
However it’s good to know 100% if it’s legal and how they can even get some of these snakes.

For example, if you do some searches you’ll find posts saying the laws for importing/exporting wild reptiles (perhaps reptiles in general, they never specified) that it will go in affect May 2022 or it’s already gone in effect.
You’ll also stumble on some posts from the past (from italians) speaking about the shipping of reptiles and said to be banned.
I’ve searched a lot for shipping or transporting reptiles, can not find anything.

I didn’t know that the Lavender morph of false water originated in Italy, will probably research that, I do know we have a venomous viper around here that is native!

It’s hard to get straight answers about legislation. So many people present their best guesses as absolute fact that nobody really knows what’s going on.

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