For the love of Burmese!

There is not enough Burmese Python love on here so let’s change that!

Share with me your favorite Burmese!

It doesn’t have to be yours; it could be one you follow or just have seen a picture of! But share it! Flood this post!

I’ll start: Enigma! A crown jewel in my personal collection. Hypo Granite Paradox DH Albino Green. Proven inheritance of Paradox. The one and only!

But I’d personally love to get my hands on a Lava! Too bad they are overseas!



Good topic. I miss keeping burmese pythons. I’ll have to try and find pix of my favorite pair I had back in 2001/02 time frame. Now they are nothing special, but at the time they were woohoo.


I’d love to see them!

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Didn’t have the cool phones back when I kept burmese so no pictures to show. Had a beautiful normal and albino that had a perfect S on her back. Nippy as babies but giant teddy bears as adults. They were handled a lot and really enjoyed them.


Sadly don’t got any pics but a buddy of mine who runs a reptile shop near me used to have a beautiful and very docile albino burm before they were outlawed in my state. I absolutely loved that burm.

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I was planning on getting a burm after I had some experience with larger snakes but I moved to Florida lol :joy:. I would love one day to have a pet burm, just need to find a legal way.

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