Forum Feature Opinions - Topic Layout [DONE]

For the next 7 days we will be testing out a new layout for topics here on the forum… well actually two new layouts.

To save disruption, they have been limited to specific sections for now.

The main proposed change will be adding small thumbnails to topic titles…as can now be seen in the #informational and #identification tags. This will be used throughout the forum.

The next is a grid layout which will be used in image heavy parts of the forum, such as #photos #featured and a few other places.

Please click on the above tags and let me know your opinions… Good or bad.
(You may need to refresh to see the changes)

  • I like the proposed changes.
  • I like the current layout better.

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what about ability to select desired topic thumbnail out of the post’s images?

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This is the plan but it is proving much more difficult than it sounds… :grimacing::crossed_fingers: