Found in Indiana yard; ID?

This pretty snake was found in my nephew’s yard in New Albany, IN. That’s down on the Ohio River. They asked for help identifying it. It’s obviously a colubrid, not dangerous, and a good neighbor,

but I didn’t ever find anything that looked like this when I lived in Indiana. I have got some thoughts, but don’t want to misidentify it so I told her I’d ask some people who are sure to know. What is this?


Looks like a DeKay’s brown snake. I grew up right down the road from new Albany, IN.


Thanks! That was actually my first thought! Yay! I wasn’t sure, though. Where did you grow up? My hometown is Henryville, hubby is from Floyds Knobs.


I lived in Crothersville until I was 10, then lived in scottsburg until I went to college. I live in northwest indiana now. But I’ve got some family that lives in the new Albany area now, so we’re down that way occasionally!


How did I not know this, lol? I’ve got family in Austin, had some in Scottsburg, too. Cousins scattered around that area, some of hubby’s family still in Floyd and Clark counties. So yeah, I’m up there sometimes. Not enough!

DeKay’s was my first guess but I don’t remember actually ever finding one when I lived there. I know they’re often misidentified. My nephew has apparently found quite a few, including in his basement. His wife’s pregnant and they were a bit concerned. Personally, I’d MUCH rather find these than those gigantic slugs we used to have. Gotta love nature’s pest control!


That snake is probably looking for those slugs! I hope s/he finds a bunch. Those slugs are nasty…


You are sooo right!!


yeah I go back and forth between TN and SC and here in SC we get HUGE slugs on our porch every night. It’s super gross.


Yep! I grew up in that area for 18 years or so, so very familiar with the towns and everything.

I usually don’t bring up where I’m from so that’s probably why not many would know. I’m up closer to Chicago for now, and probably moving again in another 6 months. Small world!


Cool! Any chance you lived near Easley?

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Super gross, yep. They weren’t my favorite creature, but they didn’t gross me out. The old house I grew up in had an unfinished basement with a concrete floor. The washing machine was down there, and there was a drainage thingy going to the sump pump. When it rained, the sump pump really got a workout. Very slug-friendly area.

I don’t remember now what errand sent me down there, but for some reason I hadn’t turned on the lights. I was barefoot. You can fill in the rest; I don’t even want to type it. It was one of the most repulsive experiences of my life. The cleanup was about as bad as the initial jolt.

I’m a fan of anything that eats those slugs.