Found surprise eggs

So we got a breeding female that hasn’t eaten for 2.5 months and found out why. Went to feed her last night and she was sitting on a clutch. I wasn’t prepared for this so running to store after work tonight to get the last couple of things I need to set up in the incubator. Had not seen her in a week so not sure exactly when she laid. Anything I need to know to look out for. This is my first clutch. Also can the eggs be in a small incubator that is humidity controlled without a lid?


As long as the temps and humidity is controlled, the way that they’re incubated doesn’t really matter. It’s just easier to keep the humidity closed in a smaller box than the whole incubator in my opinion.

For mom… Give her a warm bath with a couple minutes to soak in case she’s thirsty. After that add a little dish soap to clean her up. Before putting her back into her habitat, clean the bedding out and wipe it down, rinse her decor and such to remove the egg pheromones. That will get her back to her usual behavior and feeding schedule sooner


Also, make sure the eggs don’t touch the sides or are in an area where they can get dropped on or wet.
You could soak some moss, squeeze it out pretty good and then put it around the eggs for some extra humidity if they look deflated or dehydrated.

If anything post some photos and we can troubleshoot. Some eggs may look bad but it could be a calcification issue making them look crinkles.


Hopefully those images uploaded. That is what they looked like once we took ger off them.


They just look like their a few day old eggs. I don’t see anything really of concern. To answer your question about a lid, yes your eggbox will need a lid. Here’s a very easy and simple to follow egg box guide that anyone can do! :slight_smile:


we posted pictures of the eggs. They look a little bit better today after being in the incubator. Any suggestions?

If they aren’t in a covered egg box you need to be very careful about monitoring the humidity and temps. Try to open the incubator as little as possible and all

But the eggs you posted look pretty good! They probably won’t get fully round and smooth but a couple of wrinkles like this are fine.

Keeping the humidity up and not letting them get wet is the hardest part. Then temps. I don’t usually go over 88 for mine just in case there’s a heat spike of some sort I have a buffer before it hits over 90