Found this gem, any idea what he may be?


Definitely Eclipse. The rest you cannot know for sure, other than that your little man is one of the three strains of albino (which you cannot tell apart visually), and probably either Patternless or Blizzard (though maybe both, though unlikely). In order to know a leo’s morph with confidence, you need to know the verified genetics of the dam and sire. If you want a fancy name, your gecko could be any of the following: Raptor, Ember, Radar, Predator, White Knight, Diablo Blanco, or several other combos that are less common.

Edit: That pattern of eye color is called ‘Snake-eyed’ Eclipse.


Its all guess work unless you know the genetics of the parents. Definitely eclipse. You didn’t specify where you got it so I will assume at a pet store and not a breeder.

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I would guess they got it at a pet store too. Especially since they are using what looks like sand for them. Hopefully it isn’t calcium sand.


I did get him from a chain store, and no not calcium sand

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The animal does appear to be a blizzard. Eclipse is hard to prove without test breeding since the majority of blizzards (including mine) have black eyes either solid or snake eyes. It is a trait that is also noticed in super snow morph also. Also eclipse typically alters pattern like a large section of the tail being white in color and a broken pattern in general. Also pie balding is common in eclipse animals but since the Leo appears to be a blizzard these things would not stand out. I would guess based on my own Personal experience that it is a blizzard with standard blizzard black eyes.