Fourth ballpython?

Soo, iv’e been thinking about this for a while. I currently have
a female Super Pastel
a female Spider
a male Pinstripe YellowBelly

And i was wondering if you guys could get me some ideas or morph i should look into!

The best idea I can give you is to figure out what you like the most and get that.

Might sound like a cop out but I am dead serious. These animals are yours, you will be the one looking at them every day and cleaning up after them and watering them and feeding them. If you just grab what people tell you to then you will inevitably end up with something that, when you open the tub, you think “Why do I have this?” And that is not a good feeling.

Instead, just go flip through the pages in the MM classifieds and see what catches your eye the most. Then get that. :+1:t4:


100% this. Look at stuff on morph market, find something that is appealing to you and go for it.

I would recommend a female though. In my opinion the ideal ratio is 3:1 females to males.


With over 6700 different mutations there is something out there for everyone and the most important is that YOU get what YOU like since YOU will be the one caring for the animal for the next 30+ years.

Ask yourself the right questions.

What are your goals are you getting a new pet or are you thinking about breeding?

What is your budget?

My advice once you have a budget in mind go on Morph Market and do a search based on your budget and see what comes up, look at different animals and see what genes seems to attract you the most, once you have done that do another search to refine your results with that or those particular genes and your budgets.