Fractal Questions

Can someone explain what Fractal is? Is it somehow related to Monsoon?


This is all I’ve found on here…

Maybe @prodigiouspythons can drop some info.


Long story short Fractal = Het Monsoon. There’s whole lot of drama surrounding it but basically Monsoon has been proven to be inc-dom in my findings with my collection and Billy’s collection. The Leopard Monsoon that Billy hatched out was found using these ‘Fractal’ characteristics. The male that makes these ‘Fractal’ animals is the brother to the male that sired the Leopard Monsoon last year. I started hatching Fractals out in 2018 and this year I might have a shot at ‘Supers’ if my females decide to go.

I call it Fractal because I can see the effect in the Het form and thats what I labeled it as. At the time I didn’t have confirmation it was Monsoon until the Leopard Monsoon hatched out. (Nobody but Billy and a handful of people believed me and even now people are still skeptical so yeah) I even have Fractals that paradox and show the ‘Super’ through the paradoxing. (Calico Leopard Fractal I have listed on MM for example albeit the photos make it hard to see)

You can go on morph market and look at all listings of all the 100% Het Monsoons listed over the years and you should be able to see what I am seeing. (I hope anyway) The ‘Fractal’ manifests similar to yellow belly in that there are varying degrees of intensity but if you know what you are looking for, even the normal looking ones can be picked out. - an old gallery of stuff I made in 2019. - Vid Royal Canadian Reptiles made about it (Shout outs to Will) - Long video by Mutation Creation where he explains the origins of how the gene ended up in his collection (and its connection to the Tom Baker Line of Special)

I am the only one who is claiming Monsoon to be Inc-dom so take that with a grain of salt if you want but I know what Im seeing and it has been proved out albeit in not my collection. Like I mentioned prior, you can go through all the 100% Het Monsoon’s on morph market, facebook, etc. and you can see what I’m seeing.

Im sure theres some points I’ve missed but if I can solve the ‘puzzle’ (no pun intended) I assume others can as well. A hint that would help would be to compare the Special Het Monsoons on morph market to non-het versions of the same combo and you can see the huge night and day difference.

Feel free to toss any questions you have at me if you or anyone else has any. Im better at speaking in person than on social media/internet so yeah.


Thanks for the explanation. I always thought that het Monsoon was visual, just from looking at pictures of hets.